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Friday, December 17, 2010
Warrock's latest update which happened on 16.12.2010 was bundled with a few surprises as expected by us which can be summarized as below:
  • With the success of A.I Mode Map Blind Bullet in Warrck,K2 has finally released a new map "Broken Sunset" which appears to be a much more environmental oriented map compared to the bullet.But this map appears to be more challenging than Bullet as the space is pretty much constricted.
  • A new mini game called "Lucky Shot" a mini game where you can trade Dinars to win guns the easy way.
  • 3 Snowball featuring Maps of XMarien,XVelruf  & X-Red Clover.Characters have Snowman Head & Snowball as the Weapon to frag buddies & earn kill points
  • A chance to win the Red version of Both Xm8 & Dual Scorp(For 15 days) if you Frag 300 & 500 Kills  respectively.
  • Other Arsenal weapons & Discounted hardwares @ playspan.
So have fun & Advanced Christman Greetings!



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