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Monday, March 7, 2011
Just managed to finish Crysis 2 on my High end Pc and I must say that I am very impressed with the storyline.As a last hope of humanity you have to obliterate the Alien infestation from the planet along with the local miliatry renegades who will try to slow your progress.But this game aint just a walk in the park as you need to be tactical in your aapproach so ill give a afew tips:
  • Your Nano suit can make the difference between life & death.It comes with 3 modes as you know.Incase you are not familiar with the modes,then there is the armor mode which provides you increased protection from attacks,the CLoak mode which makes you invisible & then the power mode where you can run faster & jump higher.Remember all these modes consume energy so use it well.
  • The Visor plays a VITAL role in devising an attack strategy.ALwys take a good look @ ur surroundings and look for Vantage points.This game is NOT LIKE CALL OF DUTY WHERE YOU CAN JUST RUN AND KILL.
  • ALways USE TACTICAL OPTIONS.Look for the Greenish/Yellow Waypoints when your VIsor is enabled.They can provide you interesting options like Arsenals or ways to outflank your foes.
  • If you are having a tough time using the Viros & switching back to the gun mode,then try to highlight your markers in you visor mode by PRESSING F.That way you can keep track of your targets.
  • Cloaked mode goes well with crouched movement.Running with it will drain your suit energy instantly and you will be exposed to your enemies.Use it carefully.
  • Remember to collect nano points when ever you kill the aliens,they give 100,300 or 500 points depending upon your adversary ratings.
  • Machines guns are usually available during tactical Options so try using them as you dont hav to worry about relaoding and also are extremely devastating.
  • Your guns come with many modes like attachments,silencers etc.Choose it wisely.Use a long range weapon and a short range(Shotgun) in your inventory preferably.DOnt worry there are plenty of ammo's available.
  • While deadling with striders,you definitely need to use TACTICAL OPTIONS.NO POINT IN REUNNING AND SHOOTING AS THEIR EMP PULSE WILL KILL U WITHIN SECONDS.Try to find a nice niche and aim @ their legs.They are more vulnerable @ legs.
  • Don't under estimate meelee attack.They can be extermely powerful.
  • Use of silencer reduces bullet velocity & piercing strength.
  • To destroy Gunships/Choppers, aim @ the rotors.They are more vulnerable that way.
  • Always use cover to shoot.DONT BE RAMBO.
  • While Buying modules for your Nano suit use the appropriate ones.Remember the Points are limited.Dont waste it casually.
  • While dealing with CLoaked enemies in the final mission,use the night vision,it can detect heat signatures and give you an approximate idea where they are.
  • You can stick your C4 bombs to canisters & gasa tanks which can be tossed @ your enemies.
  • Shoot in bursts.That way you will have better chances of hitting the target.
  • Reflex scope is preferred over the Sniper scope as the enemies can easily outflank you while you are zoomin in.



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