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Friday, December 22, 2006

Dynamic Torrent Searcher 3.2

Dynamic Torrent Searcher (DTS) is an essential tool for all torrent users. With a single click you can search through many major torrent websites without the need to visit them yourself. Your search results comes with information such as Name, Size, Seeders and more. You can download all .torrent files directly from DTS by double-clicking a result in the list.


* Very fast search engine
* DTS AwardSort your search results
* Search results include full information
* Direct download of .torrent files
* Saves you loads of time
* Add your own torrent websites
* FREE of charge

What's New?

- The size for each result is now formatted and converted to MB. This fixes the sorting issue with the Size column.
- Fixed the function which handles the uploading of a newly created definition file. The old function was most likely to return an error and/or send the wrong values to the server.
- Made some updates in the code.
- The Definitions folder includes the latest definition files.

If you get an error-message when starting DTS it means you don't have Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 installed.



Happy Downloading


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