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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bhopal Gas tragedy is a tragic reminder of the callousness of the collective Indian Psyche.It exposed the naked truth that our so called democracy does not have any room for the downtrodden-those who really suffered and instead did everything best to protect MNC's like Union Carbide or its successor like DOW Chemicals.On December 2nd 1984,disaster struck when the Union Carbide Corporation(Previously Indian Subsidiary now belonging to Dow Chemicals Ltd) developed a leak of the deadly Methyl Isocyanate(MIC) and other detrimental vapours into the atmosphere.This leak happened around midnight,with people loud asleep unaware of the danger that was lurking above them which probably had entered via the air they were breathing.Disaster struck @ dawn leaving thousands dead in sleep itself,more than 5 lakh suffering the aftermath of the disaster not to mention the poor souls who got disabled permanently.26 years after the incident & justice still pending what has our government done for our people?They claim to have released funds worth thousands of crores,etc but really how much is received by the victims?So many people still walk the corridors of government offices inorder to obtain the compensation entitled to them  26 years  back.People living in the area have been drinking the same polluted waters which have claimed to be 40% more toxic than permitted levels of pollution.
                                                Why Cant India get Justice for these forgotten souls?If UK can fight for compensation from Libya for the 270 people killed in the 1988 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland. wherein the families would receive $10 million for each victim,then why cant we?Why is Congress(The current Indian Govt) is formidable about U.S?After all they were responsible for all this.The carbide had claimed the tragedy as an act of Sabotage and had launched investigations followed by investigations & the case is still going on.And when we finally had the chance to nail the bloody ****** behind one of the worst Industrial tragedy ever,India quietly flew Warren Anderson out of the country not once but twice just like how Rajiv Gandhi whisked away from the stricken city to Delhi and back to the US as per the instructions given by the U.S government.I really feel that Rajiv Gandhi N Anderson are the PRIMARY suspects for the Union Carbide strategy N the Genocide of Sikhs as a retaliation for his slain Mother Indira Gandhi(Who was gunned down by a Sikh).
                                                     Over the past few days several details on Anderson's escape have emerged. Top government officials' names were named in the controversy. It was learned that some one had even arranged for Anderson's transportation to New Delhi by state plane.Fingers are being pointed @ Arjun Singh for helping him escape,but he has refused to comment & is laying low.And the captain of the chopper who airlifted him told the media that he just followed the Instructions given to him.This is disgusting.We are completely insensitive.We blog about cricketers,about celebs and we never talk about them.Not to mention,the I am totally disgusted with the Media.I detest all the leading Media channels in my country like Cnn Ibn, Ndtv, Timesnow etc ,who are just trying to get more TRP ratings rather than conveying the message to the country.Media!Please change your methods.You have to connect the country together instead of focussing on trying to get the better of earch other.Lets raise a voice unanimously and try to get justice for these desolate souls.May them rest in peace.A note to the government:STOP THE BLAME GAME N TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS.ATLEAST FACE IT WITH DIGNITY THAT TO BE A 2 FACED TANNER.



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