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Sunday, July 18, 2010
Irctc Online service is  the most Horrible service I have ever come across in my entire life.Its the same old story whenever i try to book tickets for my family on seasonal holidays(on the first day) or to travel on friday or sunday.I make preparations to book my ticket only to find the service unavailable error when I try to log in.I am a nocturnal character N i just hate getting up early from my bed(I m still single :D).I need to book tickets for my brother Vimal who is currently pursuing his MSc in Coimbatore.So I need to get up early,maybe around 6 am.Then i go to the bathroom take a shower put on some wear,then I watch news for a few minutes.In the meantime I also check whether my internet is working else I need to run to the nearest booking Station(Thiruvanmiyur)which is approximately 3 clicks from my home.But I feel so lazy to do that(Sorry I am a very indolent guy ).
                                                                 As the time inches towards 8,I can hear my parents trying to Intimidate me about the Service Unavailable error especially my mom,as she walks past me,making faces as to provoke me.And it does instigate fear in me.Trust me on that.If I can't enter Irctc website by 8.10 Am, I can forget about booking ticket,as it would have entered the Waiting list quota(Around 30 or 40).So definitely thats something to be frowned upon.Then around 7 or 7.15 I clear my internet cache & other things reset my Ip(Just taking a few precautions).Around 7.30 I start with my breakfast N finish it by 7.40.In just T-minus 2o minutes,my Tantalizing experience with Ticket booking is about to start.At 7.50 I recheck whether My internet is still working & then I'll listen to some of my favourite tracks(Which includes Backstreet boys,Linkin Park,SlimShady,2Pac etc).Then I head over the Irctc website @ 7.59 and enter my username N password and will be waiting for my laptop clock to strike 8.When it does,I click almost Instantly N what do I get:SERVICE UNAVAILABLE .Good God!This is the same old story which gets repeated every Wednesday N Friday when I try to book my ticket.Thankfully A person named Sunil Bhaskar has found a fix for this SERVICE UNAVAILABLE ERROR.The link to that post can be found here.Well atleast we now have a temporary fix.But last week when i tried to book tickets as usual,the tickets ran into the Waiting List (W/L 56/51)by 8.05 itself.Whats going On?!?!?!?I have never seen the tickets run into Waiting List so fast.Is there any change in the Tatkal Bookings?Am I missing anything?



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