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Sunday, July 18, 2010
Ever wondered why Adbrite Ad's are not appearing in your blog or website?The Answer is pretty simple.Adbrite,unlike Adsense is more strict with contents N appearances of a blog & will not accept your blog unless N until they feel contented with your blog.However there are a few ways to make them accept your blog:
*WRITE GENUINE POSTS:Adbrite hate copy N paste contents.Don't even copy the pictures from other sources.Incase you wanna use those pic's,then save it to your computer N then upload it using your blogger.
*KEEP WRITING POSTS REGULARLY:Adbrite doesn't like static blogs.They need blogs with stuffs.The more N more genuine stuffs you post,the better the chances of your the Ads appearing in your blog.
*IF YOU GET THE ADS,DONT CHEAT:Do not Click your own Ad's or compel people to click on your links/Ad's as it is against the TOS.
*If you don't follow the above the steps,chances are likely that even after 3 hours all you can see will be blank background.
                                They are a lot stricter than Adsense,but CPC N pay per click is higher than Adsense.Also they feature the Inline Ad's which makes the blog look really attractive.So follow my instructions N start earning Dolla's.Hope you liked this short N crisp Post.By the Way this is my real life experience with Adbrite.Took sometime for me to get it running in my blog.Followed these steps N then It kicked off N I am received my first check last month.Feels nice.Try it out.



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