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Saturday, July 3, 2010
Playspan is now giving free Ultimate points which you can convert to G1 credits after you purchase them using your earned ultimate points.Thats right no Credit cards or International cards are required. All you have to do is to complete some reviews for them and you will be paid in for doing the review(Paid in ultimate points).Don go for sponsored or reviews which you may need to pay,go for the free ones.Don worry th
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ere are a whole lot of them available and just keep doing and earn your ultimate points.To start with:
1)Register with your warrock account at playspan
2)After registering and logging in,then there will a box at the bottom page and enter the following pattern: 1's in first box till its full  1's in second box xmasx in third box and again 1's in fourth box.
By doing this you will instantly get 100 Ultimate points.
3)Now click on ultimate points (below your account settings,on the right top side of the page).Then click on Earn Now.The new page will look like this:
Now you have a myriad of options from which you can choose the free offers and earn your G1 credits and work your way from soldier to General level.Have fun.use it while it lasts.No credit card needed and no other international card needed.Njoy!!!!!!!!!
                                                                    Also Playspan also allows users to get free mp5k for 30 days .Register your warrock account with playspan and it will give you the option whether you want mp5k or not.You can also save it for a rainy day.



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