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Saturday, July 3, 2010
Recently a lot of  people are complaining that google is not indexing their webpages or atleast are skipping a few pages.Google which has released a new web indexing system called Caffeine which is claimed to be able to provide 50% faster searching than its predecessors.This new engine which updates the search index at a faster rate,literally so fast that you can actually find the information even before it was published.But a lot of people have run into troubles recently with google skipping its indexing.Lets take a look at the common issues which might be responsible.The guide is made as comprehensive as i can make.Any more additions are welcome.
1)A sitemap has not been submitted: 
                                                          When you setup a website its always better to have a sitemap which lets the search engine know scramble through your pages and index them.To do that go here .Then log in with you google account.Then click on add a site.Then enter your website or blog address then enter your blog address and select the verification method(select Meta tag).Then you may need to paste the code into ur blog meta tag.Then save your template.Now after your site gets verified log in to webmaster tools again and then click on the added site and on right side click on Site configuration>>Sitemaps then add atom.xml in the box provided and google will do the rest.
                                                        With the number of blogger increasing stupendously,google & yahoo are currently in no hurry to index them.Main reason is that people are just copying and pasting informations already available in the web.Be genuine.Write genuinely.
                                                       Probably  this is the main reason why new sites and blogs are taking longer time to get indexed.Googles new search engine Caffeine takes up nearly 100 million gigabytes of storage in one database and adds new information at a rate of hundreds of thousands of gigabytes per day. And newer websites and blogs have lesser backlinks.Backlinks is basically an inlink which is a link from someone elses site leading to you.This is of very vital importance search engines utilize this as a very important criterion in making page ranks.Visit other blogs,publicize in twitter,facebook,expose yourself ,make people come to your blog etc can help you get atleast some benefits.
4)Meta tags:                                  
                                                         This is probably the next culprit.The presence of NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW Meta tag  makes google skip the pages i guess.The reason is that when the google serch engine bots view the NOINDEX tag,they will immediately skip the indexing of the pages.If it was already indexed then it will be chucked out of the search engine cache.This will prevent your pages from coming in the searches.Manually delete <$BlogMetaData$> from the classic Blogger Template or .use this incase you use other templates
5)Page size is too big:    
                                                       Google bot   has problems indexing long pages.If your site has ppt's and pdf's its better to upload it to some other hosting domain.
6)Google Loves Spams:You would encounter so many cases where your search engine will take you to a site and you will find no relevance between your query and the site.Thats right.Google loves spam.There is currently no reason to fix this,but a lot of genuine sites are facing the heat due to these imposters.
                                                Incase you feel that i have left out anymore reasons,which you may feel is valid feel free to comment and lets discuss.


Rahul said...

my blog is getting indexed but cant be found in google search result. But when i type the blog's title followed by my post heading it is displayed in top results...i have used meta tags in my blog...pls help me out

Sunil Bhaskar said...

Rahul can u plz post your blog?Ill see what the issue is

Rahul Bajaj said...

The Blog Address Is


Thank you.


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