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Thursday, July 22, 2010
15 Rail accidents in a span of just 11 months!Talks of Assurance N no action taken,none so ever.Sometimes I really wonder what is happening with My country(India).Supposed to be the largest Rail service provider in Asia N the Second in the world,its riddled with more accidents than anyother Country in the WORLD.It is also the highest revenue accumulator for the Indian govt.But not a single month passes by without a Tragic rail accident.Then the blame game starts.Just a few days back,a devastating mishap occurred where ,the Uttar Banga Express rammed into the  Vananchal Express @ Sainthia town in Bengal.63 poor souls lost their lives,with majority of the casualties belonging to the hindmost unreserved compartment.
                                                         Then without even an Inquiry being conducted,fingers start pointing @ the Driver of the train,with the railway officials claiming that he had more than 500 metres to bring the train to a halt.Is it possible to stop a train running @ 100 km/hr to come to a sudden halt within 500 mts?You are risking the life of the entire ppl,or worse the train might get Topsy turvy just adding more casualties.This is a classic Real life Rang De Basanthi were Madhavan(One of the characters in the movie) becomes the scapegoat for the F-16 crash,which claimed his life.Just like that,the Driver was framed for the Incident until recently conducted investigations claimed that he was not on drugs N was neither drunk,thereby clearing him of all charges.Had he wanted to escape,he could have jumped out of the train N saved his Ass.He died so that he can atleast save a few lucky souls only to be smashed to bits.
                                                What was the station master doing?What were the people monitoring the tracks doing?All these questions goes unanswered.All we get is some sort of condolence from the Union or state Govt,promising some sort of a compensation package and 1 govt job for a family.That job will also be a minion job.All the government does it to do initiate the blame game,cry sabotage or scramble for a scapegoat,who by no means will not be involved in this incident.If Railways revenue is achieving newer N newer bounds day by day,why can't they implement newer tracks instead of the bi-track system which often results in traffic congestion's N delays in travel.Implement better safety precaution system to intimate the driver about any subsequent error or unforseen consequence.Why can't they have better communication equipment?On top of that incase a train accident occurs,then why cant the rescue team be equipped with better rescue equipments so that the rescue work can proceed without any delay.
                                             It doesn't matter whether its Lalu Prasad,Paswan Or Mamta is the Railway minster.They can't be blammed for the mishap as they are'nt involved in this.The only people who can be included are the Railway officials @ the Stations,the Signal monitoring people,the track monitoring ppl etc.Why didn't the Station employess divert the train to an alternative track if they knew that  Uttar Banga was also approaching platform 4.Why is a lot of time consumed in the loading N unloading of goods at each N every station?There was a major negligence from the side of the officials,which other wise would have been a danger which could be averted.Human error is the primary cause, leading to 83% of all train accidents in India
                                                  Incase you wanna know the wonderful history of Indian Railways,check out the accident list below:
*2 January 2010:Three separate accidents took place which involved 5 trains in Uttar Pradesh due to dense fog conditions.
      1)Lichchavi Express entering the station rammed into the stationery Magadh Express train near the town of Etawah 
     2)Gorakhdham Express and Prayagraj Express collided near the Panki railway station in Kanpur leaving 5 people dead in the Mishap(As per Govt Sources) and more than 40 injured.The unofficial count was more than 30.
   3)The Sarayu Express broke into a tractor trolley at an unmanned railway crossing.
*3 January 2010:All seven coaches of the Arunachal Pradesh Express, running between Murkongselek and Rangiya, derailed at a place between Helem and Nij Bogaon in Assam.No casualties reported. 
*16 January 2010: The Kalindi Express and Shram Shakti Express collided in thick fog in India's northern state of Uttar Pradesh leaving 3 dead & around a dozen injured.Fingers were pointed @ the driver of Shakti expresses for overlooking the signal which eventually led to the mishap.
*17 January 2010: The Lucknow-Sultanpur Harihar Nath Express hit the car at Barha railway  crossing leaving 2 dead & 4 injured.
*22 January 2010:  A goods train derailed near Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh,where three bogeys of the train caused a traffic congestion for more than  6 hours.
*8 May 2010:The Visakhapatnam - Secunderabad/Hyderabad 2727 Godavari Express had a narrow escape when the rail bogeys got detached from the engine following a coupling failure.No casualties was reported.
*25 May 2010: India's pride the Rajdhani Express bound for Guwahati from Delhi derailed in Naugachia in Bihar as the driver applied emerygency brakes after hearing an explosion of very high intemsity.
*28 May 2010: Gyaneshwari Express train  got derailed in West Bengal after a suspected naxal attack and was rammed into by a goods train leaving atleast 170 dead .
*4 June 2010: Mini bus was hit by the Coimbatore-Mettupalayam special train at an unmanned level-crossing at Idigarai near Coimbatore on Friday. Five people were killed in the accident.
*18 June 2010: The 8084 Amaravati Express from Vasco-da Gama to Howrah derailed near Koppal (Karnataka) after ramming into a road-roller at an unmanned level crossing leaving 27 injured.No death was reported. 
*19 July 2010: Uttarbanga Express collided with the stationary Vananchal Express resulting in more than 69 dead & 180 injured and still rescue works unearthing more and more bodies.
                                                    Well I guess that winds it up!Plz take a look @ the statistics and think whether we should keep Mum and just let this go off the hook or stand up for our safety.Is there no value for Human Life???



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