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Thursday, July 22, 2010
Finally I was able to book my ticket online within A minute!Wow.That was the fastest booking ever made by me.Was this just fluke or whether Irctc has come with a possbile fix?But I am damn sure it wasn't fluke or luck.Man, I had some horrbile experience with Irctc online booking system which always returned me the Infamous Service Unavailable error.By the time I get access into the site,the tickets would have entered the Waiting list category.Thanks to the greasemonkey script & the solution guide which i found here.I also made sure that I entered the username N pass and kept my mouse hovering over the Log-in button,so that I can enter the site when the clock strikes 8.And trust me If you get inside the Site exactly as it strikes 8,you will not experience any error and you can successfully book your ticket.Keep an eye on your taskbar clock to click right @ 8 A.M.If you miss then,getting inside will be extremely difficult and you will encounter the SERVICE UNAVAILABLE error on more than one occasion especially while selecting your train station N after the payment menu.I hope you would find this guide useful.I also use other sites like Thomas cook Make my trip etc to book my ticket.For a list of Online Booking Indian Railway Portals,check out the authorized service providers list from here.



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