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Sunday, July 25, 2010
As it has always been the case,I ran into the same Service Unavailable Error while trying to book my return ticket to coimbatore at 8 A.M.Dejected,I tried to book it from Thomas cook and i  had a complete shocker.The Tatkal reservations in other Irctc vendors like Thomas cook,Make my trip has been changed from 8 A.M to 9 A.M.I really don't get it!Irctc can't handle the traffic rush in the wee hours of booking,so it joined hands with the other service providers who offered similar services to Irctc.That list can be found here.
                                                      But,even with these alternatives,It takes me atleast 10-15 mins to book a confirmed ticket(30 mins in my worst case scenario,when I ran into Waiting list).By 8.20 or 8.30 almost all the tickets would have been booked.Then whats the point in booking with Thomas cook n other sites as its crystal clear that we will be pushed even further back into the list.Whats wrong with the Railways Smt.Mamtha Banarjee?You may have no role in the recent train mishap(Which she called a sabotage-Give me a break!),but you definitely need to look into this issue as it has been persistent for the past 2 years in a row.We really don't want to waste money in booking n cancelling tickets(everytime atleast Rs.25 is lost including net charge).So make a calculation.If on an average 1,00,000 people make online booking,then Railways profit in ticket booking n cancellation alone adds to:
                                                   Thats a whopping 50 Lakhs!!!!!!No wonder Railway is the highest revenue getter for the Indian Government.What do you guys Feel?



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