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Saturday, August 14, 2010
Are you experiencing Gray or brown screen of Death?Then its pretty likely that there is something wrong with your Smps.For those of you who dunno what an SMPS is:It stands for Switched Mode Power Supply which regulates the Ac supply to your Cpu and prevents your motherboard N its components from getting Fried Up.I can assure you that the main reason behind the Gray screen has to be either a goofed up SMPS or a short circuited connection(which may include loose contacts,broken wires etc).So before you call your Pc repair mechanic its better you inspect these things,otherwise he may come and burn a big hole in your pocket.So here's how you do it:
1)Open up your Cpu Cabinet.Then check whether the wires emanating from the SMPS if properly fixed at the respective slots.
2)Check each and every connection by removing the wire and look for any burned up wires.If you can see any burned up wire,then 90% you need to either repair the SMPS or chances are likely you will be duped by the mechanic.If you see any broken meshes or wires,then also you need to repair it.If you don't repair,then your system will keep on restarting intermittently and you will not be able to run any applications and it will keep restarting.
NOTE: If your system restarts when reading or writing data into your dvd/cd drive,chances are likely that your SMPS is fried Up.It needs replacement.This happens if you have a very powerful graphics card which needs more volt-amps.So better go for 650 Watts SMps(costs atleast 4 times than the regular n cheap 450 watts one),to ensure maximum performance of the GPU card.If you have any queries,then feel free to ping me and I shall get back to you.



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