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Sunday, July 18, 2010
Labels help in grouping things inorder for blogger posts,so that they can be categorized.But a lot of  people think that having too many labels in getting traffic to their blogs.NO!This aint true.Google's searchbots don't index your pages depending on your labels.Labels are Internal to BLog.They do not take part in Indexing or anything(Although it might look as it plays a vital role).Don't keep on adding labels until, you reach the 200 characters limit.You are yourself damage as the spiders will report the labels as duplicate N you will definitely see a drastic drop in the number of Url's Indexed by Google when you submit your sitemap.Be logical when you are giving label's .This has also been confirmed by Google Caffeine(Latest search Index )developers that duplication of labels will cause a big drop in the Url's Index & will inhibit Googlebots from Indexing your site or BLog.So Be careful N choose genuine labels.Trust me!If you remove your unwanted Labels,definitely your blog will get Indexed @ a faster rate.I can Guarantee.



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