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Sunday, July 18, 2010
This is the first time I got hold of the formidable Xm8 gun(Got it free by entering the code StayAnonymous in my Warrock Id(Bh4sk4r) @ Gamers First.Incase  you are finding it difficult to how to redeeming the code check out here.I was really blown away when I tried this gun.This gun retains most of the features of the Ultimate Assault Gun in warrock-The FAMAS,in addition to the 1.5x scope which is more accurate than any single zoom weapon.Although lesser damage N fire power when compared to Famas,this gun gives you better Recon ability(When compared with G36) and packs a faster bullet velocity with lesser gravitational displacement.I am really impressed with this gun.You guys should also try it out.After all why waste  850 G1 credits(approx $12 ) when you can get that gun for free?Remember the code expires on August 9th 2010,so use it before the ultimate day.Incase you are unable to redeem it or are havin any issues,feel free to Holla @ me....I'll be glad to be of any service



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