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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tupac Amaru Shakur or stage named 2Pac was shot on September 7th 1996 while he was heading for the Club 662 in Las Vegas.Fingers have been pointed @ not one,but many people for his murder which includes the like of Rival Hiphop star Notorious B.I.G ,Orlando Anderson(A Crip who had once robbed Tupac),Even DeathRow's Former CEO Suge Knight(Primary suspect) ,The U.s Govt & Even the Illuminati.Tupac was all set to leave DeathRow record after the agreement with them was over(Recoding 3 Albums with DeathRow label in exchange for 1.4 Million dollars bail release from Prison) and was all set to launch his own Makaveli Records which would have included Outlawz, Wu-Tang Clan, Big Daddy Kane, Big Syke, and Gang Starr.When Tupac recorded his last track for DeathRow he sent his Business manager Yaasmyn Fula to retrieve the tracks he intended to publish under his own Record.But Yaasmyn Fula was blatantly denied access to those tapes by Suge Knight's right Hand man & lawyer David Kenner with whom Tupac was believed to have involved in some Altercations.Infuriated Tupac sent a letter to DeathRow stating that his side of the contract was over & was leaving DeathRow.As requested by Suge Knight Tupac agreed to go to the Boxing match featuring Tyson Vs Seldon In Las Vegas.Tupac was accompanied by his Bodyguard Frank Alexander,Kadafi(Outlaw member)  & other DeathRow  associates.The match lasted for only 109 seconds  before Seldon was Pulverized byTyson.Still revved up from the fight Tupac was heading for the exit at 8.35 pm when a Suge Knight Employee Whispers to Tupac that Orlando Anderson(A crip who snatched a deathrow chain from Travon Lane was spotted hanging around the lobby of the MGM Grand Hotel.Still vigoured  by the Tyson match Tupac N his gang rained blows after blows @ Orlando in a 1-2-1 boxer fashion knocking him to the ground where others also joined including Suge Knight who was on Parole.
           After beating up Orlando 2Pac N his entourage decides to head back to the room to change clothes before proceeding to Club 662.Tupac while changing dress Tupac decides not to put the Bullet Proof vest against the wishes of Cash N Alexander.This was a grave mistake he made,which got him killed what otherwise would have been a minor incident .After they left for the club at around 9.08 Pm, Tupac was forced by Suge Knight to leave his Hummer behind & wanted Tupac to ride with him alone as he wanted to discuss something in private.Tupac Instructed Alexander,his bodyguard to drive Kidada Jone's car(Shakur's then-fiancée)with Keisha & the Outlwaz as they were gonna get drunk & he was the designated drive to get them back. car
          According to Tupac's bodyguard Frank Alexander,there were some very strange occurances which didn seem like coincidence as he quoted in his book.First was that they were not given gun permits inorder to protect Pac incase of any uprising or retaliation.The second was that he didn have his phone & finally the third was Tupac driving with Suge Knight.All headed for Suge Knights Crib on Monte Rosa Avenue where they stayed till 10 pm.While heading for the Club Tupac lowered the side mirror while driving down the Venturas Strip playin Makaveli so loud that the police stopped them for disturbing the public & not having a proper number plate(Many people refer to incident as the timer for the shooting).After posing for a couple of photographers,Suge's car which was a  newly purchased 1996 black 760 BMW sedan came to a halt @ red light around 11.05 Pm followed by a convey including the Outlawz and the security.Just then a four door white Cadillac pulled right next to the Tupac was in & opened fire @ the vehicle.Tupac realized what was going on & tried to get into the backseat,but Suge pulled him down & a fatalbullet Ricocheted off his right hip bone & pierced his right lung .The bullets hit him in the chest, pelvis, and his right hand and thigh & the one that ricocheted into his lungs .Suge was grazed by a bullet,although he later claimed that a bullet was logged in his head which was later refuted by Medical Reports.Some of Tupac's entourage tried to chase the Cadillac went south on Koval & vanished into thin Air leaving no traces behind.An interesting fact to be noted here is that Kadafi who claimed that he could identify the shooter was later found dead in New Jersey with one shot to the back of his head On  10th November 1996 at 3.48am.Who killed Kadafi remained unknown to the public until September, 2000 when Napoleon(One of Tupac's Outlawz) revealed in an interview with The Source that it was his cousin, Roddy, who killed him. Roddy claimed it was an accident. Apparently they were both drunk and high and was playing with a gun, Roddy accidentally pulled the trigger and a bullet hit Kadafi in the head.Kadafi's murder sealed the door shut for Tupac's murder investigation.
                                                                         Meanwhile Suge in a frantic effort made a U-turn & headed for East Flamingo in order to take 2Pac to a hospital.But Suge was no Stranger to this strip as he used to play for the UNLV Rebels & the the Desert Springs Hospital is located at 2075 East Flamingo, not far from club 662.This move by Suge was one of many reasons police suspected his hand behind Tupac's death.The cops instead of going after the suspect pursued Suge insetad of securing the crime scene. As a result the scene and evidence was ran over and dispersed through traffic.Suge was driving on anywhere but the road as he was caught up in the traffic & was going over the sidewalk, ran over a red light and popped a couple of tires on the center divider. He ran the red light at Harmon Avenue and then got stuck on the median with four flat tires. Police, ambulance and the fire department arrived on the scene that was in total chaos.Tupac's entourage was forced to get down on the floor as 2Pac was being loaded into the Ambulance when then sped off towards the University Medical Center.
                                              At the hospital, Shakur was in and out of consciousness, was heavily sedated, breathed through a ventilator and respirator, was placed on life support machines, and was ultimately put under a Barbiturate-induced coma after repeatedly trying to get out of the bed.Doctors had to remove his right lung inorder to prevent heavy Internal bleeding.Despite being able resuscitated successfully @ the trauma center and surviving a multitude of surgeries,Tupac had a 50% chance of pulling  through .Doctors even made a promising statement that Tupac had passed the critical phase and had shown 13% improvement on the 6th Day there by dramatically improving the chances of his survival.But on September 13th 1996 @ 4.03 pm Tupac breathed his last as his spirit left his body.Doctors made several unsuccessful attempts to revive him but finally gave up after Afeni ,Tupac's mother decided to let him rest in peace.
The Aftermath:Tensions Running High Between BLood N Crips:
What followed his death was a serious Turf war which claimed the lives of 3 people in 12 shootings.Police launched a massive raid in 40 houses including that of Orlando Anderson.On Sept the 9th, on East Alondra, a man who Las Vegas police said may have been in the Cadillac was shot in the back.On the 11th Bobby Finch, who Compton cops said may have also been in the Cadillac was gunned down on South Mayo at 9:05 am.  Two bloods were shot and killed by an assailant who fled on foot.  On May 29, 1998, Anderson and his friend Michael Reed Dorrough pulled into the parking lot of Cigs Record Store at the intersection of Alondra and Oleander in Compton.  Here he met Michael Stone, also a crip, who was with his nephew, Jerry Stone.  Tempers rose and a gunfight erupted.  Orlando and the Stones were all fatally injured.An insider revealed that it was related to Tupac murder,while others referred it as a money deal.However Orlando was killed 2 years after Tupac's death by a fellow Crip.
Murder Case:
                      The investigations conducted by the police was nothing but Abysmal.It seemed that they had no intentions of bringing the culprit behind bars.Tupac's Outlaw member E.D.I Mean once quoted:
"He was just another black man that had a strong opinion—and now he's out of the way.”  
Another interesting thing to note here was that no helicopter was sent to track down the Cadillac.
 13 years and still the case is pending,no arrests made,no victims,the only people to loose were his family N his die hard fans like Us who try to write about  him & ensure that he aint forgotten in the long passage of time.Let his legacy follow into the Future.Through us he will walk among us.



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