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Thursday, July 15, 2010
I was always under the impression that Tupac's murder mystery will never be solved.Thanks to the police no witness accounts or no evidence had been collected from the crime scene where the shoot-out took place.But I suspect a few people who are likely responsible for Tupac's death.I'll start with the primary suspects & then head down:

1)Suge Knight :Former Ceo DeathRow Records:
Suge Knight is my primary suspect.He had owed Tupac a lot of money & also they were running corruptly.Not to mention that Tupac had announced that he was leaving DeathRow to start his own Record Makaveli,which infuriated Knight as per insiders.Also Knight's right man & layer David Kenner refused to give tapes to Tupac's business affairs manager Yaasmyn Fula.There were more than 200 unreleased tracks recorded with DeathRow which belonged to Tupac but was not given to him.Its pretty clear that DeathRow wanted to keep those tracks & leave Pac empty handed & the only way they could do that was to silence him permanently.Well Tupac had over 200 master tapes, tapes which would leave Deathrow if Tupac left, if dead they would own rights to the tapes and they wouldn't have to pay the enormous amount of money they owed him.Also Suge was incharge of Tupac's security @ the time of Tupac's death & there was hardly any security for him.Also he didn apply for a gun permit for the security which prevented Tupac's bodyguard to retaliate to the drive by.Suge also insisted Tupac to travel in his car ,leaving his Hummer behind.But the worst of  all was that Suge was not a stranger to the city of Las Vegas & he intentionally delayed taking Tupac to the hospital by going for a hospital located more than 3 clicks (University Medical Center) when there was a hospital just around the corner(Desert Springs Hospital).That too he ran over the sidewalk,center divide there by puncturing the car tires & delaying it further.Finally it was the police N Ambulance who rushed to the spot & took 2Pac to the hospital.To divert the investigation Suge was also heard saying that a bullet got logged in his head during the drive by , a claim which was later refuted by Medical examiners.One of 13 bullets fired @ the car only one grazed him that too he wasnt even hurt!Even DeathRow's former Artist & Tupac's friend Snoop Dogg has accused Suge of murdering Tupac N still takes on him then N there.
2)Notorious B.I.G:Tupac's Worst Enemy N Rival:
 Christopher George Letore Wallace or more famously known as the Notorious B.I.G comes second on my list.Hailing from Eastcoast ,tension always prevailed between the West N East with both trying to get into each others nerves.The Feud was so widespread that each confined itself in their areas N never wandered  off limits.Tupac used to attack Biggie in everyway  he could and even released a video featuring a Biggie look alike & also Biggie's mother.Later on Tupac also claimed that there was a love affair between Tupac and Biggie's wife, Faith Evans.Biggie was definitely Infuriated & a LA times magazine claimed that Biggie was the mastermind behind the Death of Tupac.They had claimed that Wallace had supplied the assailant with the murder weapon plus paid the killer $50,000 upfront with a promise of $1 million total.Biggie although refuted the claim & LA withdrew the charges in 2008.Also Tupac had also claimed that it was Biggie & P DIddy who set him up in November 1994 when two shooters opened fire @ Tupac and 5 bullets logged inside him @ the Manhattan Recording studio.Biggie N Diddy were upstairs when this happened.Biggie feared for his life following Tupac's death & tried to visit Westside more frequently to abridge the gap between East N West Cost.He was involved in a tragic car accident which crippled him and forced him to use cane.On March 9, 1997 Wallace was gunned down in an exactly similar way how Tupac was murdered.Even his case remains Open.
3)Orlando Anderson:
 Although he blatantly denies these aligations,he was one of the prime suspects.The police had enough proof for him to kill Tupac as a retaliation to what 2Pac &his gang did to him @ the MGM hotel.Orlando was claimed to be a south side Crip who once had stolen a DeathRow Pedant from Travon Lane.This was the main reason 2Pac & his gang rained blows @ Orlando when Tupac was informed of his presence.More info about this incident can be found here.A month after Tupac's death ,the LA police had claimed to have discovered a .40 caliber Glock which was the same weapon used to gun down Tupac,thereby making him a prime suspect. On May 29, 1998 Orlando Anderson was killed in a shoot out outside a carwash in Compton
4)The Govt N The Police:
Definitely I suspect these guys.They have no witnesses to the account,they have made no arrests,case is still open and so on.The police claimed that a .40 caliber Glock was used to kill Tupac,but insiders reveal that it was .9mm gun.They never sent a chopper to track the assailants car which they generally follow.No officer secured the crime scene & they also ensured that all evidence at the crime scene was destroyed.Intentionally delayed in taking Tupac to the hospital.There are two occasions which happened on that night which casts a doubt on my mind that Orlando N the police check @ the Vegas strip were just timers to be used for the actual attack.You can read the full story from here.How can a car disappear into this air leaving no traces behind?
I really don't think that these guys can be responsible for Tupac's death.Their name means the enlightened ones and they are against the Vatican.As far as i know they are never against Artists N performers.However a recently a new theory has surfaced claiming that the Illuminaties are responsible for his death.Seven Day theory is a belief based on the millennial week meaning one day = one thousand years. The belief is that seven days (7000 years) from the day Adam was created Jesus will return to Earth and begin his reign of 1000 years.Tupac undoubtedly understood this based on the selection of books on his shelf; Tibetan Book of The Dead, Nostradamus, The Meaning of Masonry, Mysticism, The Complete Illustrated Book of The Psychic Sciences and others.His interest in the meta-physical is most likely the reason for his assassination. I believe that he uncovered a secret that was too powerful for him to know. That is why the Illuminati had him murdered.There was a web site that has since been removed where Donald Rumsfeld’s secret papers were leaked. One of his calendar entries for September 13 read “2pacolypse 7pm”. This can only mean one thing.When i had the opportunity of haivng a sneak into this I really lost my mind.But Indeed Tupac was the Don Of Killuminaties who intended to kill the Iluminaties.
Well there you have it!There are the primary suspects behind the Murder of Tupac Shakur.Its apity that the case is still open.I really hope that another Tupac will emerge and carry his legacy forward.RIP


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Not to offend anyone but I think knight is the one.Again I just think.


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