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Saturday, July 10, 2010
Google Books is a universal library where people have access to millions N millions of ebooks,magazines & other documents.This site contains a lot of copyright materials which are free for online viewing,but doesn't add the facility to download them.A lot of tools are available commercially to facilitate us to download them to our pc.We can download books without copyright freely without any add-ons,but downloading Copyright stuffs is a lot tougher.But there's always a silver lining to a black cloud.Thanks to the efforts put by a lot of people,there are a few softwares available which can hack into google server and download it for us.All we need to do is save the final document as Pdf.
1)Google Book Downloader: This is the most widely used tool to download ebooks from Google books.This lets you save the file as pdf .This requires Microsoft .net Framework 3.5(Get it here) to be installed.For more details on how to use this software.
*Install  Google books downloader from here.
*Now copy n paste the Url of the book you want to download.
*Click on the search button & the software will check the pages available for download.
*Now click on Download entire book to grab the entire book @ a go.
*Press save entire book as button.It will be saved as a Pdf.
NOTE:Never close or teminate Google Book Downloader if the application is downloading any books.If you do,then the file download will terminate and you need to repeat the process all over again.More detailed guide can be found here.
2)Greasemonkey Script: This is the most famous method & easiest way to download get the books.This hack works only for Firefox.First N foremost make sure you have firefox.You can get it from here.
*Install Greasemonkey from here.Now Restart Firefox after installing it.
*Run the Google Book Downloader script from here.Click on Install the script.
*Install Flashgot from here.Restart Firefox and then head over to Google books & search for your book.Once you find it,click on its thumbnail preview to go to the book page.Now your screen will observe a "Download this book" button like this:
*Now click on the Download this book button and select the pages you wish to grab and then right click & select Flashgot from the menu.It will be automatically saved to your download folder.
3)Laneware.net: This tool was developed for Internet Explorer.This has the most simplest of all the tools available,but i have been unable to download anything from them till now.Head over to the site .To grab the links paste the url into the text box & click on Process button as shown:
You can refer the documentation for more troubleshooting options.Maybe you'll have more luck in using it.
4)Leech Video:Go to the Site.Copy N paste the Web address of your url & click on the Grab button.It will start retrieving the pages in image format one by one.To save the links right click on them and manually save them one by one.To enable batch downloading use ORbit downloader.Get it from here.
5)Click Book: This is a premium tool available for $49.95 implementable on 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista.This tool can not only download the books but also provides interface to print them. as well.You can find more info on them here.
6)Downloading without any software: 
*Log in with admin settings and launch Internet Explorer(No Firefox).
*Go to “C:\Documents and Settings\%admin_name%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\”of your machine and delete all the contents.
*Browse the pages of the book you wish to download.
*Open the "Temporary Internet files" folder and copy all the png format images.These are nothing but optical scanned copies of the book.
*Print them or arrange the files in order to view them sequentially.


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