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Wednesday, August 18, 2010
From Minutes now its down to seconds.Right after I publish my post,by the time I head over to Google & search for the Post it is already Indexed.It sounds very cool,but I really don't understand the Logic here.Initially I used to wait for weeks together for the Blog to get Indexed & that too all of a sudden Google De-Indexed most of my Blog pages.After that I just made two changes in my Blog:
1)Removed Adsense From My Blog
2)Removed All unwanted WIdgets:As you can see I don't even have a label Widget.
                              And Voila!!!My Blog is getting Indexed @ super speed.If the trick really lies within the above two changes,I would suggest you guys to check it out too!And if it works,Do give me a few credits for it too.Happy Blogging!!!!



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