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Wednesday, August 18, 2010
 While coming from Office,I saw a horrendous sight where a dog was run over by a Tata Sumo which later Sped away even before I could jolt down its number plate.I parked my bike and strolled towards the poor thing and when I approached,it was exhibiting aggressive behavior.I thought its safe to call in the Animal Experts:The blue cross.A dog lover myself,I had their number on my mobile,so I gave them a ring.A male voice answered @ the receiving end and I told him that,a dog was run over by a vehicle and it needs emergency.On hearing this he asked me whether I was related to the dog.I said no and I also mentioned him that its a street dog.Upon hearing this he said that he can't help and he hung the phone.
                                                          I redialed again,but didn't get any response.Then I dialed their second extension number and this time a lady picked the phone. After explaining the situation,she said that I need to stay with the dog.Then I asked by what time they can come and attend it,as time was really precious at that moment.She said I need to stay with it till 11 PM,then only she can dispatch the medical team.Time was now 6 PM.I really got pissed off and I hung the phone.Then when I turned back and looked @ the dog,it had passed away.I felt guilty that there was nothing I could do.I really wished I could get the guy who ran over the poor thing.We Humans are the REAL ANIMALS.No MORALITY,No REGARDS FOR OTHERS.People are throwing their own parents out of their own houses,how can I expect them to show care N affection for the animals.We aren't HUMAN BEINGS WE ARE HUMAN BEASTS...Thats who we are!!!!



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