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Sunday, August 15, 2010
Call of Pripyat was the third expansion(GSC themselves have claimed it to be an expansion pack) where the story unfolds just after its predecessor Shadow of Chernobyl.Play as Alexander Degtyarev,a military major who is sent to investigate why Operation fairway failed: A massive military operation launched to reach the NCPP.Encounter the fanatics(Monolith) and face New unseen Mutants in the most stable N atmosphere compelling Stalker.Remember its not just Darkness you need to be afraid of.Don wanna go too much deep into the story line,but plz make sure you get a downloaded copy or a legitimate copy of the game.Now after playing the game i tried to use a couple of mods which include the much anticipated S.M.R.T.E.R v.041 and Atmosfear 1.3 mod both of them are just amazing.I was just wondering why couldn't the developers make such compelling atmosphere and a lot more arsenal.
                                            But unfortunately the game is rigged to such a level that,any attempt to use any Mods is resulting in frequent crashes to desktop all it says is Xray Engine 1.6 has stopped working or Xcore.dll bug.A lot of fixes were released,but no avail,the frequency of the crash just quadrupled.I guess these developers intentionally packaged this game with bugs so that when trying to apply an patch,the patch wont work and people will be forced to get a legitimate copy of the game.But there were a couple of ways by which i was able to make the error fix which included modding the script files in the gamedata folder.So here's how you fix it:
1)Make sure you have a backup files of the file which is causing the crash.
2)If you encounter the bind_monster error or something delete the loop(consists of if cond etc),and then after you have crossed the area where the crash was imminent,then replace the original file back.
3)If you encounter smart_terrain 1127 some error,then reduce your graphic settings and try it out again.
4) Apart from these minor errors,the major error you can encounter is the crash which is almost 100% imminent while climbing the pripyat ladder.Not to be concerned.There are update cracks available @ gamecopyworld and you can get your version from there.
5)Incase you encounter breaking point entry error,then your crack is not the right one.Remember that you need different crack for German version N different for English,which means they are not compatible.
6)If you are use a pirated version of the game,then its almost impossible to update your game and I don think the repack versions(Only English version comes with inbuilt patch) will do any help either.There is a registry script available in the internet which may help you making the update fool into believing that the copy is a legit one,but its available for 64 Bit only.
7)If you are having fs.ltx not found error,then run the call of pripyat.exe and not the xray engine file.the cop.exe is in the main installation directory and not the  bin directory.
8)If you encounter General protection fault error,then it means that nvidia Physx is disabled in your system and you may need to either Install it or enable it.Can be found along with the Nvidia drivers in control panel.
What You Shouldn't Do:
1)There is no point in going to C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Call of Pripyatand deleting everything inside the folder.All you will manage is that you will loose your saved games.PLZ DONT DO IT.There is really no point in deleting your saved game and going back to square one.
2)Delete the original files.Always make sure you have a back up of the files you are replacing.Else you may need to start all over again.
                                                  So I guess i have addressed most of the issues faced by the players and have suggested a few minor fixes as well.Generally the most common crashes are due to bind_mosnter,smart_terrain etc.Incase you encounter anyother errors then feel free to post your issue.Ill try to help you out.Happy gaming!!!!



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