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Sunday, August 15, 2010
Does your Pc shuts down automatically turning off your hard-disk?Well this is a major issue with your hardware.Bear in mind that generally viruses N trojans generally are not responsibe for turning off your system as claimed.These are hardware issues not software.Now there maybe a few reasons behind this;Lets take a detailed look and try to diagnose:
1)Touch the sides of your cabinet,is it heated up?is it very hot?If yes,then you probably need a heat sink or additional coolant fans else your risk overheating your GPU and Motherboard.
2)Open up the cabinet and look into the processor fan.If you can see dust and other junk in its rim,then use a vacuum blower to clean it out.Trust me!Plz clean your Processor atleast once in 2 weeks,else your system will be plagued bu this problem.
3)Now check your GPU for over heating.As a die hard gamer I used to engage in games hours together and i heated up my Gpu so much that the inbuilt GPU cooling fan got detached after its coil melted.I didnt realise this happened and so everytime I used to play any pc game my system used to shutdown in every 2 minutes and was driving me nuts!.So make sure you keep a fan on top of your Graphics card or plz implement a heat sink.
 4)Upgrade your Ram.1 Gb ram is not capable of doing anything now a days.Try to go for either 4 or  6 Gb or atleast have a 3gb Ram as it really improves your performance.A heated up ram inflicts self damage on its electronic coating which damages the motherboard and your resale value might go down.Do not confuse the Blue Screen of Death with this!
5)Touch your Motherboard Mainchip and see if its hot.If yes,then you need a coolant fan here.This is not too dangerous compared to other issues,but its a potential threat.
6)Last but not the least,check your SMPS conenction wires.Any burned up,missing or loose contact can result in immediate restart or shutdown to prevent damage to your system.
                                                  These problems are very detrimental to a gamer and so must be taken care to ensure optimum and hassle free gaming experience.Incase you don wanna spend money from your pocket to implement a heat sink,open up your old abandoned Cpu cabinet take out the coolant fans and place them inside your current CPU.Keep your Pc in a cool place and keep it away from dust N heat.Watch out for More Updates



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