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Saturday, August 14, 2010
Sounds funny doesn't it?But the fact is its true.I had enabled Adsense in my blog,then I decided to remove it from my blog and guess what my pages are now being Indexed in less than a minute of posting.I was just wondering whether Google is playing Mindgames with us.It took me 2 months for my first blogger post to get Indexed(Ofcourse was genuine) and now its Indexing in less than a minute.Whats happening here?I really feel that its always better,not to opt for Adsense in the nascent stages if your blog.Enable it after it has been running for lets say a year or so.I know its a long wait,but there is always a silver lining.You can choose other alternatives to Adsense,which doesnt affect your Indexing in anyway.Incase you are wondering about which are the best alternatives to Adsense,you may check it out from here.Finally Caffeine is sending its Spiders into my Blog almost Instantly.So till then,keep blogging and I hope you can finally get your Blog Indexed in less than a minute.



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