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Saturday, August 14, 2010
I just finished playing Splinter Cell Conviction:Yea ur right our old Sam Fisher who resurfaced after a siesta of 3 years after hearing a whisper that his daughters death was no mere accident and is taken on a ride where the hunter becomes the hunted.I don wanna be a spoiler N reveal too much about the game,but all i can say is that this game kicks ass.I especially love the Interrogation scenes where you can really utilize the environment(Smash into doors,Kick from floor etc).Even with a higher end system i encountered a lot of audio skip especially during the cut scenes.This Audio Stutter is extremely blatant if you have Realtek, High Definition Audio, Soundmax HD Audio, or nForce Audio And right now the only fix that we can do are as follows:
1)Reduce your Audio Sampling from Best to Good.
2)Turn off your Audio Acceleration.
                                    These can be accessed by going to your control panel and sound N system devices.These fixes may not guarantee 100% fix(Ubisoft is yet to release any official fix for this),but atleast makes the game playable.Please try to buy the original from any retail outlet or download it(Guess Skidrow version is available).You really need to appreciate this masterpiece from Tom Clancy.Happy Gaming!!!



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