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Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Controversies are plaguing the Ongoing India-Sri Lanka -New Zealand Tri-series with the players beseeching the BCCI to cut short the duration of the Test matches featuring India & New Zealand.Apart from this,after a magnificent performance with his Bat,Virendra Sehwag was denied a century by the Sri Lankan team,who instigated Randiv to bowl a No-Ball to cut short Sehwag's century attempt.An Infuriated Sehwag was seen to complain that,this was the first Instance of such occurrence and they also did the same to Sachin Tendulkar.Cricketing greats from all over also castigated the Sri Lankan team and the Board apologized to Sehwag for its un-sportive behaviour by its player.Sehwag also claims that Randiv apologized to him too.And now the media is on it again:Blowing the balloon out of proportion.What happened has happened!Can't you guys cover other Important stories?
                                                             I got one question for Sehwag:You needed 7 Runs to hit a century.If he had bowled a no-ball,and If i was in my proper senses,I would go for a boundary rather than a six.Then I can hit a boundary or six to make sure that I reach my mark.Now since You are talking about this,let me take you back in time when India was looking for a victory against the Touring South Arfrican's who were leading the 3 match test series 1-0.Hashim Amla displayed great spirit N sportmanship in pulling together his team and he lead a fight back which was dwindling India's chances of the leveling the series.Amla was rotating his strike as he was a better batsman compared to Manny Morkel who was the tail-ender & India was a wicket away from victory.But as the day progressed Amla showed no signs of regress as he was  determined and was really putting out a brave show and went on to score a century.With just 18 Balls left to Dismantle the Innings,India's chance of Victory was Bleak.Amla,intending to take strike,guided a ball from Ishant Sharma(I guess i am right here)to the 3rd man and was attempting to convert it to a single to keep Manny from facing Bhajji in the forthcoming over.The Sly Virendra Sehwag followed the ball,left it travel as much as it can to the boundary and kicked it so that it crosses the fence.I was a similar scene in the Aamir Khan starrer Lagaan,when the rival captain kicks the ball to the fence to keep Aamir off strike.The end result:Manny was dismissed by Bhajji in the very next over and India managed to keep their head Up.So Mr.Sehwag are you talking about ETHICS??Before raising a finger,do realize that 3 of them are always pointing @ u.Clean your Turf before,you head for others.And as for the Media;STOP WASTING OUR TIME AND GIVE US SOME QUALITY PROGRAMS!!!!Jai Hind!



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