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Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Ok!Now what am about to say is actually true.My grandpa used to vote in the Nehru Era,my uncle in Indira Gandhi Era,dad Rajiv Gandhi Period,I vote in Rahul Gandhi period & probably my kids will be voting for Rajiv Gandhi Juniors.It aint a joke.It's been the same old story with Dmk and also Sharad Pawar's party & the list goes on.This aint the Democracy.This is Dynastocracy:Democracy Interwined with Dynasty and their Moto should be:Govt of the Family,By the Family & For the Family.
                                                          Once claimed to a land of riches N golds,all it now has is poverty N misery.63 years after Independence and yet so many millions yet live below the poverty line.I guess in India,the rich will keep on accumulating dough and the poor be staring down the barrel of darkness.Corrupt to the core,not a single day passes by without mentioning the involvement of any top brass  with some case or the other.I am wondering do we really need politicians to run our government?Is India fit to be a democartic country?My answer would be NO!
                                                          The politicians are so sly that once they come into power,they will just forget what all reforms they had promised and when approached will respond with nothing but excuses.Then finally when the election day comes,they start their publicity campaign where we can see their Ads apeparing on everything you name:From the Electricity Bill to Bus TICKET(I saw Dmk Ads displayed here).They even were giving rice for Rs.1 @ the Ration shops.On Top of that he promised color tv's to eveyone(which he is giving out now after 3.5years) if he rose to power and he did too.Now this is actually a breach of policy as per the election commission and as usual they wont act.Infact DMK went to such an extent that my Bus fare which was Rs.5 was reduced to Rs.2 till the results were published.The very next day after the results,they reverted it back to Rs.5.Very Nice!!!Now In Tamil Nadu,they have increased the Electricity Bill by Rs.1.This One Rupee may appear to be flimsical,but when calculated taking into consideration of the entire tamilnadu population, a minimum profit of 21,000 crores is expected from this.Now where will this money go,to the state recreational fund?No!their own pockets.
                                             Now fingers are being pointed @ the Indian Govt for its inability to curb Inflation.If you can remember Rice N wheat prices skyrocketed a few months back and our honorable Agricultural Minister,Mr.Sharad Powar had blamed monsoonal irregularities.And I can remember watching a news exclusive that more than 28,000 Tonnes of Wheat was left to ROT in swamp water near Chandigarh.As a result,there was wheat shortage and obviously the prices shot up.When approached he put the blame on the state govt for the lack of infrastructural factilties.Crap!
                                                         Now the latest addition to the list is the CWG scam which has given the Congress a big headache.Running out of answers(Ofcourse they vehememtly deny their role in it),they came up with the excuse of conducting interview after the games were over inorder to safeguard India's image.But onething I really have to admit.These politicans are really thick skinned and completely insensitive to any remarks.There is kunjan Nambiar quote which applies to them:Deepastambham mahascharyam enikkum kittanam panam .
                                                        Now the Voters.People don't vote just cause because he or she has promised you a color tv or a gold coin or any other incentives.Your vote is valuable.Plz don sit at home and loose its worth.Go and vote.Atleast invalidate ur vote so that no one misuses this.This is applicable for the middle class people especially.Dont cast your vote based on Prejudice or because he is from your constituency etc.Vote for the right person.And also make sure whom your voting.Don vote for people with criminal backgrounds or ones with cases still open in courts.Bringing him to power will be worst thing you will ever do in your life.Take Shibu Soren for Instance.Indicted in so many murder charges(Including his own secretary Shashi Nath 1i 1994),he still enjoys the luxury and is still a political deal maker.There are just a few lists which have been exposed.What about the ones which are not exposed.Can you just imagine how many lost souls might be lying below the same ground on which you are standing?
                                                         Plz give chances to youngsters and prove their worth.By youngsters I aint talking about Rahul Gandhi or Omar Abdullah.I am talking about people who have graduated out with a POLITICAL DEGREE in hand and ones DETERMINED to bring out a revolution in my Country.I do hope that Yuva(Ayutha Ezuthu in tamil) will get Implemented in real life!



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