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Monday, August 16, 2010
Even after using the Greasemonkey script,people are still experiencing the Ill-famed Service Unavailable during peak seasons and also @ 8 A.M (When the booking starts).So here's what we do:
7:58 Am-->Head over to Irctc Website.Also it would be better to head over to the Beta site also.
7.59 Am-->Enter your Username and password in the respective text boxes and be ready to click the Log-in button.WARNING!!!!Dont CLICK IT BEFORE THE CLOCK STRIKES 8!ELSE YOU WILL SEE THE MESSAGE CLEAR COOKIES AND IT WILL DELAY THE BOOKING!
8.00-->Bring up your clock in the Taskbar and Keep an eye on the Seconds needle & when its almost 8 be ready.Then ehen it strikes click on log-in button.Its preferable to use the Beta than the regular version.Trust me if you miss this then its pretty likely that you will encounter multiple Instances of Service Unavailable error and you may need to start all over again!Eventhough Irctc gives a premonition to never use f5 or refresh,you  can use it incase you get the Service Unavailable error,BUT  NEVER I INSIST NEVER PRESS f5 IN THE PAYMENT PAGE AND PAYMENT MODE SELECTION PAGE & AFTER THE PAYMENT WHEN YOU ARE BEING REDIRECTED TO IRCTC.CHANCES ARE LIKELY THAT EITHER THE TRANSACTION WILL FAIL AND IN SOME CASES MONEY WAS WITHDRAWN FROM BANK AND WILL NOT BE DEPOSITED BACK!!!!
                                                     Well Why don u give this a try & Get back to me with your experience!



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