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Monday, August 16, 2010
                                         After Getting a hands on experience with Windows 7,I can say that I am pretty much Impressed with the Appearance and performance of Windows 7 on par with its predecessors.But it also comes with a lot of issues which are yet to be fixed,even after monthsss of its inception.A very common Issues involve the Os consuming Hard disk  which I have addressed here.Apart from these,the other issue I have encountered is the random freezing up of mouse or in general a few applications.Microsoft has developed a few hotfixes for this,but to no avail.So here's what we can do to ensure that these inevitable issues can be prevented.Remember that Old Rigs cant handle Windows 7so make sure you have  a latest system or it atleast satisfies the system requirements.
1)Windows needs Atleast 2Gb ram,so its advisable to have more than 3gb Ram to be on a safer side.
2)Defragment Ur Hard-disk regularly.You may not notice any great improvement,but its worth it.
3)Dont go for Anti viruses like Bit Defender & Panda,especially Panda as it will make your system Crawl.Instead go for Nod 32 or other better ones.
4)Incase you prefer Performance over Quality,then I would suggest to disable  themes as it will consume more memory and instead use a classic theme.Altering these settings manually might result in chaos if you have no idea what you are doing.So instead download Tune Up utilities and it will take care of the rest.
5)Know your SMPS rating.Remember that if you have double SLI or More than one GFX card then you need atleast 650 Watts SMPS or your system performance will be Abysmal.
6)If you want,you may download windows updates,but I personally found no use in doing So.It is upto you to decide.
7)Be very careful if you are using Firefox.Dont use it with multiple themes or Personas.As time progresses Firefox will start stuttering and believe me there is no fix currently available for this.Fingers are being pointed @ the Plugin container service of Firefox which loads automatically with it.
8)A battery(In case of Laptop) also plays a role in this,although very few people know about it.When your laptop is running on battery and its almost down to 40%,then by default it will start to make ur system stutter.Battery life is very valuable and make sure that you follow these tips here to ensure maximum battery life.
9)Don't Install and Uninstall programs frequently.It cases a headache.Even if you Uninstall sometimes,the program roots can be found lingering in the system registry which will definitely affect system performance.Incase you are installing something,Install the full version and not demo and also disable the unwanted toolbars N Stuffs packaged with it.
10)Make sure that you limit the Size of Temporary files folder in the Internet Explorer.Limit it to50Mb.Leave it @ default will use unwanted space and also will slow performance.
11)Its preferable to run higher end pc games in Xp than in Windows 7.If no other option(like Just Cause 2)then give it a try.
12)Have system restore enabled in your Os.But sometimes it can consume a lot of disk space.The fix for this abnormality is available here.
                                                           Well I guess I have covered some of the Vital topics here.Incase you feel I have missed out on anything,Plz feel free to comment.



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