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Tuesday, August 17, 2010
From Celebrity Scandals to Political news,the media has become a real pain in the Ass,not only for the Victim but also the Viewer.Proudly referred to as the Fourth Estate in my country(India Ofcourse),the media is currently coming under a lot of scanner.The cut-throat competition between the Rival media companies forces its employees to follow the Carrot N Stick policy.Instead of providing quality programs they are just trying to maximise their TRP ratings inorder to attract more and more ads.Everytime I watch news on HT or Times Now all i see is "You are watching TIMES NOW Exclusive Blah blah",when the same news is also being aired almost simultaneously in other channels also.I do accept that the Media risks their lives in delivering exceptional cover stories and scandals like the Tehelka which really shook the nation and threw the constitution into utter chaos.
                                                    But now a days if they have an exclusive with them,they will conceal it and will only bring it into light if and if only if a rival media company has quoted some other exclusive or that particular person is in the news recently.Finally when they release it after months of siesta,the same culprits who are present in the video or image make a foulcry and arraign that the tape is doctored. By doing this you are just letting this country down.You are supposed to be the one and one estate which is believed to be corruption free.
                                                    In addition to these despicable practices,they feel they have the right to infringe on peoples private life.Any celeb or cricketer once he steps out of his vehicle he is swarmed by a myriad of people who will be riddling him with questions.He is also a human being.He also has emotions and needs freedom and sometimes he may react violently and the media makes a big hype on it and they keep it playing over and over again.Not only this,also some goofs call up these media ppl and also have a colloquial talk on this.Guyz!!!Is it really worth it?
                                                   One fine day after coming from Office,I just wanted to Skim through the days top stories and I saw that a sub inspector was Decapitated in broad daylight in Naxal Inhabited area and as usual the media was on the spot covering the story.They(I really don want to name the channel here.But plz try to be more mature )visited the slain officers family and the first question they asked was:"What are your thoughts about your husbands Murder?".WTF guys!!!Is this really a question to be asked to a window who has just lost her breadwinner?Infact this particular question was asked by a female journalist,thats what surprised me.After haranguing her for about 20 minutes they turned to her son,who couldn't even stop crying while answering them.And she keeps on using the phrase" Your Dead Father  ".Plz ENOUGH!!!!Plz stop this abomination.Disgusted I sent an Sms and a mail to the Company telling them to stop this exploitation,and to my understanding it was removed off the air.They show only the ones they want us to see.Crap.I really don understand whats happening with my country.To tell the truth this country has gone to the Dogs.Now there is no point in being proud of India.All that remains is a ram shackled country whose hard fought freedom has gone down the drain!


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