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Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Most of us who have experience in Installing Windows Xp in their Pc's will be under the influence that its gonna be the same proceedure for the laptop too.What they Don't know is that,you will end up @ the Redoubtable BSOD(Blue screen of Death) not once,but always.The reasons is that Laptops which are based on Sata will need the Inf files(2 files will be shipped along with your motherboard disk) to be loaded along with the Operating System Installation files.So practically speakign you do a process called SPLITSTREAMING where your laptop files are integrated with your Os Installation files.Although doing it manually is strictly not prescribed,its better to use Nlite to get the job done and the beautiful thing is you can either mount the image into a Flash or Usb or Your can write it do a disk.Dont worry the Disk is bootable.So Always make sure that you merge your Hard-disk Inf file with your Os installation files otherwise you will not be able to Install Windows on your Laptop.So lets see how to get this done.
1)Download Nlite.Its a freeware you can get it from here.
2)Copy and paste your Intel SATA AHCI Controller Driver files which is in your motherboard disk(Inside the Sata Folder).Incase you cant find it,You can get it from here.
3)If your source files from your Cd or Dvd drive then select that as the souirce.I would prefer copying the files to your hard disk and then install.Installing directly from the Cd or Dvd drive may accidently skip files of the process might even result in Crc Error while Installation.

4)Next choose your temporary destination folder where your Sata files are to be merged with the Os.Now after selecting your folder press Ok to resume the process.Your files will be transferred to the destination.Now its time to Integrate the Sata files and add BootMGR(Adds Boot Info) to the iso.So click the options Indicated by the Red arrow:
5)Now the Most Important Step,we need to integrate the drivers.So click on Insert>>Single Driver & head over to the directory where you have put your Sata Inf files(iastor.inf).Select iastor.inf and click Open.Your screen will look like this:
 Now its necessary to include all the driver files.So select themall together.Make sure Selected mode is TEXTMODE DRIVER .Now press Ok as indicated below:
 Now we are in the final stages of Installation.Now you have arrived @ the Image creation menu,where you can either write the content into a dvd or cd and then Install from it or you can save the Image File as an Iso for later uses.Its preferable to burn it to a disk rather than saving a image(Maybe you can save it later).Make sure you don't write the Disk @ maximum speed.Go for a speed which is one or two steps below your Max!Now you are all ready to Install the WIndows Xp in your Laptop.
NOTE:While Installing Os like Vista N Windows 7 you need not go through all these processes as the sata files are added inside the System files.All you need to do is to just run it from Bios mode.Incase you are trying to Install Windows 7 from Usb stick refer to this thread.Trust me it is the best way to Install.



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