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Thursday, October 14, 2010
I don't understand why media always tries to ignite spark to the already fueled India Vs Australia cricket series everytime.Everytime a match happens,they call in their so called EXPERTS to ask their views and opinions and a lot of people stare @ the Idiot box as if they don't have anything else to watch.I was watching the first Test Match between India vs Australia when I saw the dismissal of Ricky Ponting(who was run out).Then I saw Ponting being provoked by our In-subordinated pacer Zaheer Khan who is picked up from where Sreesanth left last year.It was Zaheer who said something to Ricky Ponting and in retaliation the Punter showed his bat @ the pitch while talking to Zaheer.Lats year Zaheer ran past  Andrew Symonds making funny face and monkeying around as he was going for the pavilion. Almost Instantly Media flashing reports "UGLY CRICKET IN FIRST GAME ITSELF-PONTING POINTS BAT AT ZAHEER".It was ZAHEER WHO INITIATED IT FOR CHRIST SAKE.Come on guys,just for some TRP ratings,don fabricate things.I would rather say that Politicians are way better than you guys now a days.
                                                                                 After the match like I said,they have this expert view,where a few people call them and express their views.Guys!Its not worth to spend your money to call these Jerks and talk with them.Take care of your family,take your kids outside,go to a movie,DON BE A COUCHIE.There is no point in expressing yourself they aint gonna implement anything.Also if a match is over,its over who is the media to make these after match commentaries?Don they have better news to cover?And when Laxman pulled out a next to impossible win in the first test,it was a media war outside his hotel as who is gonna get the chance to interview him.Its just a game.Its a Gentlemen game.Plz don't spoil the integrity of the game with your selfish money laundering Ideas.In game rivalry is good,but don't ignite the fire.Also when an Umpire makes a bad decision against the Indian team then he will probably wish that he didn't officiate that match.We are humans,we are liable to err otherwise we are God then.So mind your work as the fourth Estate of the Indian Constitution and do your job and give news which require attention not the ones which you can make a few doughs.



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