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Thursday, October 14, 2010
Now that the Common Wealth 2010 is coming to a close with the flag down ceremony  this evening,I was wondering if India was ready to take itself to the next Big Step:thats tight the Olympics.My Instant Answer was NO.I watched with my own eyes as India barely managed to pull off the Common Wealth Games which will probably go down in the history as the most Shambolic and Scam riddled games.Kalmadi & Co really fucked up big time and probably thanks to the poor labors who were forced to work for more than 20 hours a day not allowed to sleep for more than an hour or so.The authorities clearly violated the Human Rights but who is gonna raise voice against this?Media?They have better things like fashion shows & crickets to run behind.I really wonder where did 20,000 Crores allotted for the games disappeared.Every passing day was giving us a better and clearer picture of what was happening with the organizing committee.The Olympic Federation Head Mike Phennel was derided,was treated like a ping-pong ball,although he did wash his hands off the preparation and disengaged himself.One by one Kalmadi's backhand dealings were being brought to the limelight by his own men,who in a desperate attempt wanted to save their own asses.It all started with the English Cab services used by Kalmadi & co and one by one all the truth was getting spilled as  milk.A thick skinned Kalmadi was seen confronting the media's impaling questions steadfast and evading the pivotal questions at the excuse of lack of time owing to the preparation.
                                               The Common Wealth Village was in such a dilapidated state that I was even the Indian athletes couldn't stop from castigating the authorities.I just cheked how well Glasgow(England) is preparing for the next Common Wealth games and I found out that almost 75% of the entire work was over as we speak,yet there are 4 more years to go.See the Images yourself:
                              And the following was the image taken by an insider while Delhi was just a few days away from the Opening ceremony.
                                                          Even Nigeria was able to make it to the final list and offered a bold wanna be choice as the Venue,but for India I don't think its possible in the near future.There were not one but many embarrassing moments during the CWG and also during its Incipient stage like the Roof leaking,False Ceiling collpase,Water stagnation,Snake sightings,Barricade collapse,Foolish ool-proof security,Outdated Detectors,Decimated living rooms and the Irony is that one of the Bed collapsed when an Indian Athlete was sleeping on it.And on the day before Inception,the front Bridge Collapsed.To add to all these many top athletes in the world threatened to pull out and one by one started pulling out quoting Health & security reasons and it followed like a massive chain Reaction.It all started with Bolt,then Phelps and it just jumped countries.Mrs.Shiela Dixit,was also made a ridiculous remark that and I recall :"Such minor issues wont bring the game down".We are taking about how to save our faces here.7 years of preparation and this is what the government of India had offered to the world.The situation is almost similar to what happened in my college(MNM JAIN).My college was selected to host TIES 2007(Tamil Nadu Inter Engineering Sports). and it was such an  embarrassment.Probably they wont be getting the tender again,even if they are ready for it
                                                Today  afternoon I saw Arnab(Times Now) interviewing Shiela Dixit and Arnab asked her whether Delhi was ready for the Olympics.Without even a momentary delay Mrs.Dixit promptly replied that Delhi was pretty much capable of holding the games.I couldn't stop ROFL.Two International games are too much for India.And good thing for congress,the opposition has its own issues to worry about so they knew that BJP will take things light for a while.Its time to stop this Dynastocracy in India.Unless & until it has been taken care of the economy will stagnate and the poor will become more destitute and the rich will go sky high.Definitely India doesn't have the Infrastructure(Although it has exorbitant infrastructures in Swiss banks) and also genuine skilled organisers,not some couch potato who delegates his job.SO do you think India can Host the Olympics?



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