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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CPU Speed Professional is a Standalone application which measures the Clock speeds of your AMD Or Intel Processors(CPU) in real time.With a brand new visual GUI which is accompanied with stunning Interface along with elegant animations & screen transitions.Clicking on "Test My Speed Button" will make your computer processor to run @ its maximum operational speed without causing any detrimental effect to your CPU which is pretty useful for Gamers Or people running High End Applications to test & rate their hardware.
                                      The Mhz needle osciallates in front of a Speedometer type dial in the background indicating your Processor Speed."Show My Cpu Details " will give you a detailed insight into your System Properties including the processor manufacturer,Cache details,Actual vs Practical speed & More.It also features an Online Ranking feature where you can submit your settings & compare with other peoples Rigs!
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