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Wednesday, December 15, 2010
AVG Pc Tune Up 2011 is a Pioneer PC Tuning product from AVG Enterprise,who are one of the leading specialists in providing Online Protection from encroachments.Pc Tune Up is your One stop software which can tweak up your Pc settings to ensure your system is operating @ optimum efficiency.Some of its advanced & unique features may be summarized as:
  •  Auto Optimization of your Internet settings to get your horses running.Maximum Speed guaranteed.
  • File Recovery manger which can help you recover damaged & intentionally/Unintentionally deleted files from your windows.
  • Advanced File Shredder & Disk Wiper which ensures no traces of files are left behind.It doesn't delete the files but removes it reference.It can be later retrieved using the File recovery manger.
  • Track Eraser will ensure that your System activities are monitored round the clock where your data are removed regularly ensuring anonymity.
  • Inbuilt Registry defragmenter ensures removal of duplicate files,cleaning of old files & fix broken registries.
  •  Disk Defragmenter ensures maximum usability of the hard disk & also ensures absolute max speed for data transfer involving I/O or anyother Disk.
  • Disk Doctor & Explorer will make sure your data is organized & safeguarded from a potential disk failure.
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