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Monday, February 7, 2011
Call Of Pripyat Reloaded V0.7 is the latest installment of the Reloaded series which is released after 6 months of diligent hardwork.A lot of new features have been incorporated into this mod for instance the holstering of weapon when taking medpacks or drugs along with dramatic changes in AI giving the game a new life.NPC's are now capable of using Grenade weapons and can switch between weapons as per the distance of engagement.They also can knock you down,rob you,manage packs & many more features.Incorporated with the Atmosfear 2 mod,the games visual appearance leaves you spellbound  and there maybe a few hidden surprises for you guaranteed.
Extract the game to the Call Of pripyat main Directory.If the Gamedata folder already exists or if you are using another mod,its better to disable the other one and use this if you want to try this. 
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