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Monday, February 7, 2011
The year is 2013- A year after Strelok the Marked One infiltrated the CNPP and tried to neutralize the zone.You are Lieutenant Priboi Slipchenko who has to uncover the dark secrets of the cryptic organization UHSF's vault hidden secrets which was responsible for the Chernobyl apocalypse. They had a base @ Dead City near Limasnk which was wiped out by the mercenaries.Day by day newer members are disappearing into thin air. Become the Sherlock Holmes and recover almost all the documents required to nail the defectors which includes more than 20 classified documents and join the pieces of this riveting puzzle together and infiltrate the zone like you have never done before.
How to Install:
  1. Extract the Rar to the Stalker root directory.
  2. The Mod was designed for the Stalker game with Patches 1.004 and above.Preferably download the patches from Vitality.If needed let me know.
  3. Replace your System.ltx and Task_manager.script with the one packed with this download.If you dont do this the game will crash during the start.
Download Links: Use any 1 below
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